August 12, 2018

I trust your week went well. I know that our week was special as we renewed old, longstanding relationships and met new friends. It is a special time when friends designate a whole week to work on their relationship with God and others.

Last night, as we sat out by a waning fire, we spoke of such things. Some you would know, the Todd Alpers’, David Murphy’s, Steve Tucker’s, and Janet and I. We reviewed how we came to know each other, how our faith journey intermixes, and what we’ve seen God do in our lives.

Such conversations are holy, sacred times between Christians. We have relationships that revolve around and are renewed at camp, but are also cultivated at other times. We represent different congregations from throughout the area, and while some struggle, they take strength from the encouragement of other Christians.

One thing that was related during our time together was that Jennifer Alpers came across a note of encouragement that Janet had written her in her early college days. Jennifer was in our Stafford youth group in the early eighties. Now we spend time with her son, Luke, a sophomore at K State. We want to attempt to strengthen his faith as he faces new challenges on his first extended time away from home. We rejoiced to watch him baptize one of his campers while passing faith onto others.

How does your interaction with others accomplish the same goals? Perhaps someone holds onto a card of encouragement you sent for 30 years because it came at just the right time. You may never know, but the key is that you do something. A phone call, email, letter, or dinner can bring hope and life to others in difficult times, or they can be a reminder in the future that we are loved.

I see the expressions of support among you. A high five to a young man who finishes reading Scripture, or a verbal “good job” after services builds support and strength. Kneeling down to review artwork after a Bible class as a little one recounts a Bible story is a part of the foundation stones that are being laid. Showing interest to others is never unimportant. Treasured encouragements are the strengths upon which we rely in trying times.

Keep doing the things you do that are like Jesus. It brings hope to us all.

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