May 20, 2018

Today, I trimmed my beard. I am not sure why today instead of yesterday, but today was the day. I looked in the mirror and thought, “That is too long, it needs a trim.”

I looked in the same mirror yesterday, but did not feel the compulsion. Do you suppose my beard grew enough overnight that suddenly it reached this point of no return? I don’t think so.

I remember looking in the mirror after a shower when I washed my hair and beard and seeing ringlets in my beard, but that was earlier in the week and didn’t prompt my looking for the trimmer. We trimmed trees from the fence and yard, hauling off a few trailers of limbs, hot dirty work, but I never thought, “Thin the beard.”

There is a point, a tipping point, when we decide enough is enough and are prompted to act. It is that moment of introspection, a gaze into the reflection of ourselves when we determine to see something different in the future.

Spiritually we are like that as well. We move along, perfunctory prayer life; meals… bedtime… with an occasional emergency prayer, but nothing deep and meaningful, no true interaction at the feet of God. One day, looking at the reflection of the man in the mirror, we say… “Not enough.” We reset, refocus, and repent before God.

Our time with meditation is no different. The same can be said of our reflection on God’s word, or his creation.

But why “Today?” Do we look that much more spiritually haggard? Are we that different than the day before?

Scripture addresses this to the people of God repetitively. Today, while it is still called today… Now is the time to act. The Hebrew writer’s point was that sin was deceitful, its impact is a hardened heart.

Resets are amazing things. The turn arounds that offer us refreshing and rekindling of the spirit can breathe new life into old bones. Prayers become new. Determination becomes solidified. Hope springs anew.

How do we reset? By gazing at that reflection in the mirror and truly seeing ourselves. Not harshly critical, but as our own best friend. “Buddy, you can do better than this.”  Then acting to assist in the change.

Today, if you harden not your hearts...

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