March 18, 2018

A text message arrived. A preacher who met me while I was in Arkansas last week was traveling through the area. He was going to participate in a regional meeting to be held in Goodland, as their song leader. The place he had planned to stay on his way from western Arkansas had illness in the house, so could he spend the night with us? Sure.

Now Janet and I had said hello to him while in Arkansas, but neither of us really remembered him. We found out later that he was recovering from illness and couldn’t talk. Obviously, in a room full of preachers if one of them doesn’t talk, he isn’t noticed much. But when he arrived about 6p we loaded up for supper and came to know each other.

As we each rehearsed our journey of faith, noting the occasions when we had experienced blessings from God, as well as challenges that were daunting, we learned more about each other and our families.

At the start, it was a dance, two of us circling one another, catching each other’s scent… like a pair of dogs meeting one another for the first time. Wary of giving offense, careful not to take offense. Gradually the guards were lowered, then about 9:30p our real conversation began.

To be frank, it was one of the most spiritual, Spirit-filled conversations I’ve had in over a year. Our language was a bit different, but as we came to trust each other more, shields came down and pointed encouragement and challenges were exchanged.

Promises to pray, occasions of prayer, suggestions to watch for movement of God in specific areas of life events, are the things that made the conversation godly, rare, special, and meaningful.

At one point I mentioned that I felt if I could turn my head just right quickly enough I might catch a glimpse of God’s Spirit encouraging, guiding and challenging the exchange. Each of us hated to end our time together that night as fatigue began to take its toll.

Sharing breakfast the next morning before he travelled on his way, I wondered if I entertained an angel unaware. Do angels text?

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