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September 16, 2018

It is an interesting life when people have this type of attitude. Each morning on rising, within our jamming group, someone had coffee ready. Immediately food preparation began; eggs, bacon, sausage, peppers, onions… the grills were putting out the food. By the time everyone else was up, the food was hot and ready. Supper was a similar experience with burgers, pork chops, brats, or shrimp, cole slaw, potato salad, pickled okra and hot peppers, salads, and so on. Eager to share, wanting to be the one to have something for others to enjoy. Many participated, others simply ate without supplying much, but no one kept score.

As I sat out before others rose for the day, I could not help but offer thanks to God for the kindness that he has shown me through friends with such attitudes.

Before you think that I only experience such things at music festivals, let me quickly explain further. My friends, where ever I have them, are very much like this. I find myself surrounded by generous people, many as though they are in a race to outdo one another.

I read the paper. I know that we live in a violent and troubled world. I know that drugs are a major problem and that alcohol abuse destroys the lives of many. I understand that people cheat, lie, steal, and plunder. I know it happens.

But my friends, those who I surround myself with, who impact my world… they are cut from a different cloth. I learn from them, am inspired by them, and am grateful for them. I look forward to more time with them, knowing they push me to be a better man.

Sometimes I am pushed by the things that they say, the stories they tell. Other times it is their example of kindness, generosity, and gracious spirits. If there is a raised voice, it is raised in laughter. If there is a quiet time, it often is touched with prayer.

I am a man blessed, blessed by God and blessed by good friends in my life. A safe place, a joyful place, a place to belong.


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