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July 21, 2019 - Retired, Almost

Today is my final specific preaching assignment. Today I speak for the Eastwood church in Hutchinson. I’ve been the therapist that they have provided for the church and community for the past 28 years. I’ve seen hundreds of people there over the years, from every walk of life. Some were struggling with childhood abuse, others were currently experiencing abuse as adults. Others were attempting to negotiate the perplexing problems that face people of faith in a contemporary culture.

Sometimes these battles are internal, much like Paul describes in Romans 7, the battle of the flesh and the spirit. As physical beings longing for a spiritual home, we struggle. Sometimes the bright and flashy things that surround us draw us off of our path and we must realign. Scripture calls it repentance, that corrective action that causes us to pull back from a sinful mistake and return to our true pursuit.

It is a sloppy journey toward Jesus, even for the best of mankind. A causal reading of Scripture causes us to be aware of this, just look at the Bible heroes listed in Hebrews 11. There is nothing tidy in our plodding on this earth.

So, I recommend a morning of reflection each day. A quiet time when we walk through yesterday’s choices and consider how they align with our stated purpose. Then, in a season of prayer and focus we can make new choices. Repentance is just a process of realignment with our treasured values.

This morning I asked God to bless each of you, many of you by name. I also asked God to clarify for me a new purpose, a role in his kingdom that I am capable of stepping up to fill. I want it to be a role that Janet and I can function in together. I would encourage your joining me in that prayer if you are the praying kind.


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